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Week 1 Overeactions

I'm ready to make ridiculous statements that looking back in N0vember will make me look like a clown.

First, our latest episode we were joined by Sam Bradshaw of Sic 'Em 365 to preview the Baylor game. He has written some fantastic articles about TV numbers and realignment that you should check out:

How Many Viewers Did Your NCAA Team Attract?

How Do The Conferences Stack Up In Television Viewers?

The Value of TV Windows & Responding to Another Big 12, Pac 12 Comparison

Stop The Propaganda: The truth about Big 12 vs. Pac 12 TV numbers

Okay after you've read that, read on!

Lincoln Riley will be as good as advertised THIS year

Yeah, it was Rice, but 66 points in week one is 66 points. 3 of those were pick-sixes, but 45 points is still 45 points!

Caleb Williams was 19-22 for 249 and 2 scores (both to Jordan Addison) and another 68 rushing yards.

This offense is loaded and they will be fun as hell to watch.

I need a FCS vs G5 Relegation Simulator (Or Real Bowls)

JMU has been one of the best FCS programs for the last decade including winning a national title. They jumped to the Sun Belt this season and promptly won their first game as an FBS program vs CUSA member Middle Tennessee State 44-6.

MTSU is one of the worst FBS programs, but I'm REALLY interested in watching what JMU can do this year. App State went 8-5 in year 1 and Georgia Southern went 9-3 an won the Sun Belt (though they were ineligible).

Can JMU do the same? Also is there a way we can quantify how much the allure of winning a title of some sort vs playing in a low level league at a higher division matters? Will JMU get WORSE over the next couple years since they can't sell title hopes anymore to recruits?

I have so many questions that will be impossible to answer. But it looks like JMU will roll this season adn the Fun Belt will be extra Fun with their 4 new programs.

Florida will just be okay.

Anthony Richardson is insanely good. But the year one turnaround will not be the same as USC's. PFF ratings were not kind to Utah (54.2 overall grade) and Florida was really good but not incredible (80.0). But I think they were hyped for a preseason top 10 team at home with a new coach and there will be some leveling off. They played better than the final score, but I think reality will settle near what that final score was.

Arizona Will Go Bowling and have a big PAC Upset

I've been on the Jayden De Laura in Tucson train since it started and bet heavy on that over 2.5 wins preseason total and boy did they look good on Saturday against SDSU.

Jacob Cowing had 69 catches for 1,354 yards last year at UTEP and started his Wildcat career with 8 catches for 152 yards and 3 scores. Former Auburn and Florida State RB DJ Williams averaged 6.3 YPC and added a score on the ground.


Or maybe 2 CCG participants. CUSA is a soft league and UTSA looked to have not missed a bit. Houston was in the hole, but battled back. The Cougars may not win the American, but they will play in the title game (and conveniently miss both UCF and Cincy in the regular season).

UNC Should Fire Their Special Teams Coach

How do you not tell the guy to not just fall on the onside kick? The player running that back for a TD showed the football IQ you would expect from a school that faked classes for their players.

Ed Orgeron Coached 22 Games at LSU After Winning a Natty...Brian Kelly will Coach <= 30

Is there a hire that is more of a fish out of water? You looked horrible against a mediocre Florida State team. Former players are making sure of your accent adn your star WR walked off the field and entered the portal in the middle of the game.

Oh and on Tuesday at the weekly presser a reporter told you they would consider showing up on time when you win.


The Dabo Magic Is Gone

DJ U needs to be benched, Klubnik is better. But Dabo just has not reloaded with assistants the way the Nick Saban School For Washed Up Coaches Who Want Really Good Jobs Again has.

This does feel like Kelly Bryant vs Trevor Lawrence again, but just rip the band aid off my guy.

Clemson will still be a great team, but the days of "He's neck and neck with Saban and Clemson cannot be stopped" seems crazy now and I don't think that magic will be totally recaptured.

Stetson Bennet Will Be a Heisman Finalist

I'm ending this with the most wild prediction yet. The "QB That Limped the Georgia Offense to a title" can sling it and he isn't a game manager anymore folks.

His last 4 games:

SEC CCG vs Bama - 60%, 340 yards, 3 TDs, 2 INTS

Semi vs Michigan - 66% for 313 yards and 3 TDs

NCG vs Bama - 65% for 224 yards and 2 TDs

Week 1 vs Oregon - 80%, 368 yards, 2 TDs and 1 rushing TD

The swtich has been flipped and the Georgia Bulldogs are not just a defense anymore. Watch out.