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The Wednesday Weird

As we get into the off-season, Jeff and I are kicking around a few different ideas for series we can keep going, and let's give this one a shot. Here's a collection of ridiculous headlines we have seen in the last week:

Alabama Attack Squirrel

Now Alabama is quite the place, and it does share a border with Florida which may explain this one: but a meth dealer who was arrested last month was found to have a squirrel that was living off of meth. The reasoning was to keep the squirrel "aggressive".

The squirrel's name? "Deez Nuts".

A Real Life Lightsaber

Nerds are going to take over the world.

Furries in the Bathroom?

Apparently in the thriving metropolis of Midland, TX there was some concern at a local school board meeting that furries were using the bathrooms.

The school is denying it which can only mean one thing: the admins are the furries and they are covering it up.


Now, as somebody who used to live in the Charlotte metro, I have spent some time in Gastonia. It's an...interesting place. It's kind of like the Nephi or Santaquin of Charlotte. And like their Alabaman northenr neighbor, Florida gonna Florida. There was a TikTok of somebody posting a Swiss village and called it Gastonia, and these folks got straight Rickrolled.


I just got rickrolled by TikTok 🙃 #gastonia #rickroll

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Google things first, friends.