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Reality TV Show Ideas that Somebody Should Pay Us For

Reality TV Show Ideas that Somebody Should Pay Us For
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We are neck deep in the offseason with 129 days until kickoff vs USF in Tampa. We're 130 days since the UAB game, so we are exactly halfway through our annual sojourn of what feels like 40 years in the wilderness.

Without further ado, here's 3 reality TV show ideas that I have just now come up with that would I think would be interesting to watch:

Seed Money

I really enjoyed the show "Undercover Billionaire" (other than the fact Grant Cardone was on the last season - that guy is a snakeoil salesman and a weirdo scientologist who posted a video to social media of him showering with his 9 year old daughter).  The premise of the show is they start with $1,000 and have 90 days to build a business valued at $1mm. They drop them into a new place where they don't know anybody and they have to start working.

Obviously, this is not a total experiment in a vacuum because when somebody comes in to talk to you with a crew of TV cameras and says "yeah, I'm so poor I'm just trying to get on my feet I have no money, but here's a film crew" the people that choose to help them out can tell something is going on, but ignoring that it's a good show.

So I want to do the investments - get 3-4 Joe Blow contestants on there, give them seed money and then give them 90 or 120 days to start a business and grow it. See what normal people do with funding.

Last Sitcom Standing

Last Comic Standing was a competition show like American Idol or the Voice but for standup. In this spinoff, writers have to brainstorm a sitcom and flesh out a 3-4 episode pilot run. It can be a year long competition as it will take time to work through them, but after each week (maybe it's a tournament so there's a head to head every week) there's a vote anda one show gets eliminated.

The show that wins it all gets a full season order.

This would be great because you could have two types of content: the reality portion - showing how they brain storm, things that happen during filming, etc. "Day in the life" type stuff. But then also we could get 8? 16? different pilots to watch. Some will be awful. Some will be great.

Joes in the Pros

Back in the day, Michael Strahan hosted a show called "Pros vs Joes" where regular guys would try athletic competitions against retired professional athletes. I want to see these regular dudes trying to play professional (or even semi-pro) sports. There's enough random leagues that have no viewership and are desperate for money that we could try it.

There's currently 7 independent baseball leagues

There are SIX semi-pro indoor football leagues (plus the Fan Controlled Football League that broadcasts on Twitch and has Johnny Manziel and Terrell Owens on the same team)

There are 12 semi-pro basketball leagues in the US and 2 more in Canada.

2 independent hockey leagues.

There's like a thousand semi-professional soccer clubs out there getting 150 fans a game. There's 3 in Phoenix alone.

Let these dudes who run their mouth about how they could've been great and played D1 ball if they hadn't gotten hurt suit up for 2 weeks of practice then play in a game. Gives a hilarious promo night for every team involved and they are only replacing 1 player - or do a guy on each team and that way there's not an advantage given up in the standings (if they're really worried about that). Can wait for that thrilling game between the checks notes Billings Outlaws and the Topeka Tropics where some guy gets demolished by a former D3 linebacker that is still living the dream for $125 a game.

If any TV execs want to call us - feel free to reach out, we've got more where this came from. I will even give you these ones for free because they are just the tip of the iceberg.