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I'm ready to declare "Bluey" to be the greatest thing that Australia has ever given the world.

I'm ready to declare "Bluey" to be the greatest thing that Australia has ever given the world.

Tim Tams are good, but completely offset by vegemite which is disgusting. There's too many spiders and snakes and it's an island full of criminals and Keith Urban needs a haircut.

But the Australian Broadcasting Corporation has given the world what might be the greatest kids show of all time. It's a bold statement, but let me explain:

Most kids shows are really two mini episodes with some type of intermission. Bluey is broken up into those as individual episodes and toddlers are kinda clueless. "Okay I will let you watch ONE episode before bed" and they think purely in episodes and are fine with 7 minutes instead of 30.

But the real place Bluey shines is the watchability (and quotability) for parents. I present to you the greatest scene in animated history:

This is something that gets said a lot at my house these days:

I have a better plan - I do whatever I want and you don't tell me what to do.

When my 3 year old was watching this for the first time and Bandit said that to Bluey it struck me at my core.

Bandit, the dad of this clan of dingos, is constantly related to parents. In another episode, the kids ask if he will play a game with them. His response?

As long as it’s one where I don’t have to move any part of my body, or say anything with my mouth.

Chef's kiss. I love you kids, but work was long today and I just want to lay down. Good thing they invented the game "hospital" in the show which my kids always want to play now - I get to be the patient and lay down on the bed while they take care of me.

This episode was 100% written for parents - the kids think it's funny, but we really know what it's like to try to go out to eat with little ones in tow:

Or the wisdom of mom when dad thinks he finally figured something out:

This is great, they're learning a lesson and we're getting the house clean!
...neither of those things are happening.

Almost every episode has something. I don't know if my declarative statement says more about how great Bluey is if you have little kids (or grandkids...or just want to laugh at that stage of life) and how relatable it is to parents - or if it says even more about how little Australia has actually contributed to the world.

Either way, give Bluey some hell this weekend and if you don't laugh I'll venmo you $2.