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Eight 2022 Games You May Have Missed

You have probably watched highlights of a lot of our old games on YouTube - but have you ever checked out a random game just for kicks?

Here's some games that stuck out as I went back through 2022 looking at the "excitement index" generated over a CollegeFootballData.com. These are just extended highlights but if you search any of the games you can throw "full game" or  into your search and be on your way.

Army vs UTSA

This one really gets wild starting about the 5 minute mark (2 minutes left in the first half)

ECU vs Memphis

Nebraska vs Georgia Southern

Southern running a spread offense and Scott Frost packing his bags.

Louisville vs Florida State

Rice at Louisiana Tech

If you're watching highlights of 2 bad CUSA teams because it's June and you're a degenerate, you should seek help.

I need help.

SMU Houston

20 total TDs

Georgia Southern vs App State

This is a very underrated rivalry - and this game is worht finding a full cut up.

Final War on I-4