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Brand Names That Make Sense

Brand Names That Make Sense
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Have you ever noticed that some brand names just make sense? And other's are a complete farce?

Take what I wrote a month ago - Budget makes no sense at all, it was more expensive. But maybe it also makes more sense because they 100% mailed it in on the customer service part. They should change their name to "Cheapskate". But there are some things that just make sense, and I want to give credit to these brands.

Inspired by Ron Swanson's love of Food n Stuff, here's a list

Great Value

The Walmart generic brand is definitely the top of the list. It's cheaper than its competitors and pretty much all of their product offerings taste good.

Low price + good quality = great value.


You can hire somebody else to pack your things and load them onto the truck, but at the end of the day, you are the one hauling your things. They have gotten away from this since they offer a PODs type equivalent where they drop off and pick up a shipping container, but at their roots, the brand is exactly what it says.

Plan To Eat

This is a quarantine kitchen classic and my family's go to meal planning app. You can save recipes, build a shopping list and it integrates with every major grocery chains delivery/pick up services. It takes 10 minutes every week for us to plan to eat and do our grocery shopping.

If you want a 20% discount and a free trial, you can use our GEHB referral link:

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

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LA's Totally Awesome

This stuff is sold at most dollar stores (Dollar General, Family Dollar, 99c Store, etc). Their headquarters are in LA (well, I guess Buena Park is in Orange County), and it is, in fact, totally awesome. It's so good, I tweeted about it once:

The list of things it'll clean is a mile long on the bottle - including what you need to dilute it to for those uses. Ranging from straight to 120:1.

Some Brands Are Awful

And they have nothing to do with their product.

Cox? Well, this is a family newsletter, but I'm glad they're giving me internet.

Utah State University? Should be called Logan Super Senior High School.

Smart Car? The dumbest looking cars on the planet. Going on the freeway in that is a death trap - not very smart.