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What a day, BYU fans.

What a day, BYU fans.

Allow me to speak a familiar language: BYU landed a commitment from Kevin Young despite a competing offer from the Brooklyn Nets. ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski was the first to break the news.

It's true! Mitch Harper is reporting that the Nets offered Young the job only for Young to say, "Nah, fellas, my heart is in Provo."

This is not the kind of world that BYU fans are used to living in, and yet, here we are. We're here and alive.

Young will build out a coaching staff. Rumors on the street are that he will try to bring in an NBA assistant with him. He and BYU will shoot big and look to add one of Chris Burgess or Barret Peery.

Does that seem likely? No. Not at all.

Did Kevin Young seem likely to turn down the Nets to go to BYU? No. Not at all.

But we're still here and we're still alive. Let's not doubt anything that BYU does with this coaching search.

The old playbook was thrown out the window. BYU ponied up big cash - a reported $30M over 7 years. BYU moved quickly - this got done in four days. BYU interviewed just one person - Young. This isn't a typical BYU coaching search.

So applaud your favorite school, friends. They killed it. But what's next?

Coaching Staff

BYU should and will target Chris Burgess. Everything we have said about Burgess in the last four days remains true. He knows this roster. He knows that BYU recruiting pool. He knows BYU. All of the reasons that he would have been a good head coach are the same reasons that he would be a GREAT assistant coach.

Would he take it? It depends on who you listen to. So let's cut through the noise and get into the weeds.

Money - I have no idea what kind of money the University of Utah to offer a guy like Burgess. Craig Smith made $2M as the head coach last year. BYU will pay Young north of $4M. The Cougars can spend, but in the past, they haven't. If Young's salary is a sign of the future, then BYU can make a really aggressive offer for Burgess.

Call him the associate head coach and pay him $750k? Why not, right?

If BYU would actually do that remains to be seen. Old BYU, no chance. But who knows what new BYU is capable of doing.

Peery will also be a candidate for an assistant spot, as reported by our guy Robby McCombs. Peery seems much easier for BYU to pull off. Any objective person would look more favorably at an assistant job at BYU than they do at UNLV. If BYU wants Peery, it seems pretty easy to envision a scenario where BYU lands Peery.

But beyond names, what really matters as Young fills out the rest of his coaching staff?

He needs someone who understands the recruiting world. He doesn't have any experience recruiting, but he is more connected to the recruiting scene than you'd expect. He is very close to lots of people who are major players in the recruiting space. Still, a coach who knows how to recruit at BYU is imperative.

Young is an offensive guy. He's the architect behind the Phoenix Suns offense. The offense features Devin Booker, Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal but is just 10th-best in the NBA. Is that a bad sign?

The three players have all had some injuries at various points in the season. Durant and Booker both average better than 27 points a game. And Young is still second to Frank Vogel who calls a lot of shots himself.

But BYU is different than the NBA and Noah Waterman is different than Kevin Durant. Regardless of stats, Young's offense is innovative, based on analytics, and will play to the strengths of his players.

He will need to find a coach to help on the defensive side of the ball. If he could find a coach who knows the Big 12, even better.

Young will stick with the Suns throughout their playoff run (Go Wolves, am I right?) so the sooner he can find some help, the better.

Players On The Roster

I am expecting Dallin Hall and Richie Saunders to give BYU a hard look with Young. In fact, I would call BYU the favorite. But you can bet that Utah will make a run at both of them. Creighton would love to fit both of them into the roster. And Mark Pope still exists and could always circle around on his former players.

But Young should be able to recruit those guys and prevent others from leaving via the portal. He's young, he's charismatic, and he knows ball better than anyone. For guys like Hall and Saunders - who are both BYU guys at heart - why wouldn't they want to play for Young?

Isaac Davis will stick with BYU. Brooks Bahr isn't going anywhere. BYU should be able to keep the bulk of their roster in tact.

Players In The Future

Young is already out recruiting. Sources have told me that he was calling BYU targets as early as yesterday.

He'll have to get to work quickly, but I don't doubt his ability to connect with players. He's not the proven recruiter that a guy like Burgess is, to be sure, but he brings something unique to the table.

According to several people and coaches I've spoken with, Young is personable and genuine. When you talk with him, you get to know him. That is something that, candidly, BYU hasn't had under Pope.

Don't get me wrong, Pope could recruit. But those who didn't love him generally REALLY didn't love him. Things came across as inauthentic and some families and players were turned off by it - notably Brody Kozlowski who signed with USC.

Young's approach will be different. It will be more genuine and sincere. Time will tell if it will be more effective, but it will be different for sure. It seems like the kind of approach that works at a place like BYU.

More than anything, Young is an effective communicator. That's what it takes to be successful in the NBA. When you get to pro level, you're dealing with superstars and millionaires. You're dealing with players from different backgrounds, different countries, different stages of life, and who all have different priorities. Communication is key. Young is one hell of a damn good communicator. That will bode well on the recruiting trail.

BYU ponied up to pay for Young. It stands to reason that BYU will continue to be able to compete with NIL as well. Obviously it's not the school that writes those checks, but BYU has funds and ideas that should help them remain very competitive in the NIL arena.

So... be happy?

BYU basketball lost a great coach in Pope. He had established a ton of momentum and the team was exciting this year. It's sad to move on from that, no question about it.

On paper, though, Young feels a lot more BYUish than Pope. I think we'll see that in his early work with fans. His authenticity will shine through. His genuine personality will resonate with boosters. It might take a little time for the on-court product to compete for Big 12 Championships, but it's going to feel very much like what you want a BYU program to feel like.

And folks, BYU just ponied up to land a top NBA assistant. That's enormous. (soenormousthatwewillnoteventalkaboutcollinchandlergoingtokentucky).

So be happy, ladies and gentlemen. Today is a great day.