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Going to Another Level With GEHB (New Tiers and New Content)

We have now come up on our 2 year anniversary of originally launching the podcast. Around this time last year, Jeff and I got the idea for the GEHB Magazine and then realized that formatting a magazine and getting it ready for print was insane, and we decided to start the newsletter instead.

I spent the summer looking at different platforms, testing different pricing models, etc. Ultimately we want to build a great community (which we believe our Discord server is truly the best of the best of BYU discussion) - and the freemium model works well for us: everybody has some level of access to our content and chat, and there is some financial prodding for us to keep churning out cool stuff for our fans.

So today, we are announcing two new GEHB initiatives, each spearheaded by one of us.

Give 'Em Data Brigham

If you are not aware of my day job, I am an Analytics Engineer at Heap.  I also have a consultancy called Data on Demand (that offers both a discount and finder's fee to GEHB subscribers...).

Last year, I set up a copy of a lot of data from the College Football Data API. It was pretty sloppy since I just intended to use it myself and wanted something to plug into a visualization tool. So I grabbed the data, put it in a warehouse and bought the Give Em Data Brigham URL to host some things that we have shared here:

FBS Team Profiles

Realignment Scenarios


Everything to now has been very "pet project" - not really documented, me just shooting from the hip as I have had random things I wanted to look at. That is about to get a lot more formalized.

We are introducing a new tier for our supporters. You can sign up today or upgrade your membership today in the portal:

By joining the VIP + Data tier, you will be given access to the Give 'Em Data Brigham site with permissions to build dashboards as you wish. You will have the ability to share these dashboards with whomever you wish with a public link.

While Metabase does have a drag and drop chart builder, I will also make myself available for Q&A as well as be recording some training videos. This should be up and running by the end of next week (depending on any unforseen road bumps).

The Logan Fano Experience

We have entered into a NIL partnership with Logan Fano. Logan will be hopping on weekly with me and Jeff to chat about random things on and off the field. These will be publicly available podcasts.

For our VIPs, we will also schedule Logan to occasionally hop onto the Discord for some Q&A.

Here is Logan's announcement:

And Lastly, Thank You

Starting GEHB has been a lot more work and a lot more rewarding than we ever expected. It turns out it's REALLY hard to come up with off-season fodder. It's also been a lot of fun for both me and Jeff to bounce ideas off of our subscirbers and each other trying to find ways to give you all more value.

Thank you to all 412 of our current paid and free newsletter subscribers. Your support means a great deal to us as we keep moving up the ranks to become the most reliable place for BYU news and views.

Until next time, give 'em hell.