Dope Amazon Stuff

This page is full of the things that we own, love, and think you should own. We'll continue adding dope things to this page as they are discovered.

Jeff Benedict loves BYU and, therefore, we love Jeff Benedict.

This is an awesome book detailing some of the craziest stories in college football history. Quick, easy read. You'll thoroughly enjoy it.

The cutting board you didn't know you needed

Jeff bought this for his kitchen a few months ago and it's been life changing. It looks nice and makes the kitchen look good, but also serves as an awesome serving dish. And no more stupid cutting boards in those skinny cupboards.

More dope books to edify your life

Ted Williams is not only a baseball legend, he's an American hero. His story is fascinating.

Bo knows. Seriously, Bo knows.

How many limbs from your body would you give in order to have Bo Jackson at BYU?